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ACES National Finals 2019 - U13 WINNERS! Posted on 30/06/2019

So this just happened: 8 games against the best teams in the UK and the Under 13 Reds are the best team in the UK. Simply supreme Champions. Today in Nottingham the Under 13 Reds sought to win the Aces Nationals Tournament and become the best Under 13 team in the... read more

Italy Tournament June 2019 WINNERS! Posted on 01/06/2019

London Colney Colts Reds U13 - Winners 2017 Holland, Winners 2018 Belgium, WINNERS! 2019 Italy! Komm Mit Italia Supercup 2019 The European trio is in the bag. Tonight against Royal Léopold FC of Brussels, Belgium who had caused a few problems today... read more