Read testimonials from happy parents and players.

I am regularly asked what makes London Colney Colts different from other youth clubs? My answer is simple! The coaching is 1st class and whilst very competitive the ethos is that ultimately the game should be first and foremost fun.

My son Jamie joined 3 seasons ago at under 9 and was welcomed into an established team and soon settled in making new friends, probably for life! The club has given him the opportunity to compete and grow as a player, improving his skill and awareness of the game and become a more confident sportsman. He now plays for the St Albans District team and is Captain of his school team which I believe is a direct result of the excellent training methods used by the Colts.

The club has embarked on a series of games with a number of soccer academy's which showcase our boys and girls talents. This shows the commitment to giving opportunities to budding Kanes, Ronaldos and Pogbas!

So why the Colts? For football mad youngsters and parents there is no better place than a cold and wet Sunday morning watching your team living their dream and yours!!


London Colney Colts football club has given my son Lui a great opportunity to progress his footballing skills and he is really enjoying playing for the under 10 Blues side. Its a great club run extremely well and everyone is so friendly and welcoming.

The coaches and the club management are very focused on ensuring the players enjoy themselves and are trained by knowledgeable coaches that get the best out of the players. My son absolutely loves playing in his team and I have to say I enjoy taking him to the training and watching him play and score lots of goals not to mention the great socialising we get to do with other families along the way!


I've gotta say a massive, massive thank you to you all for the support, guidance and help you have given to Alfie-Nico over the past year and for all the new skills you have taught him. With your guidance, expertise and care for the kids you train you have helped my boy secure a secondary school place on a Talented and Gifted Excellence Sports programme at Harefield Academy. This is a dream come true for him and hopefully one of many.

I absolutely recognise he could never have achieved this without all of you. Also, a big thank you to his many team mates who he learns so much from, and to all the parents and spectators who I regularly hear shouting out praise from the sidelines!

Massive thank you and respect to you all.